Musing Mommies Episode 5
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Episode 5, April 21, 2009

This week the Musing Mommies chew the fat over the topic of, well…fat!  Kim and Dawn discuss their experiences with diets and trying to live healthier lifestyles, including what worked and what didn’t.  What works for you? How do you focus your mind on what you need to do?  How do you not eat the cake?!?

Join us as we explore the ways to set yourself up for success! We’ll give you resources and ideas for healthier living and cooking and set you on the path toward reaching your goals.  Pour a glass of water, click on the link below and give us listen while you are doing your daily workout or enjoying a healthy snack!


Until next time,
Kim and Dawn

Links and info – [Fit Day][Sparkpeople][Weight Watchers][South Beach Diet][Biggest Loser Club][Dr. Mercola][Tropical Traditions][Kraft Foods][All Recipes][Cooks][foodguide][Diet Document][Music by: Spilling Poetry]

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  1. Boston Kim says:

    I’ve lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers. I love the ‘in person’ aspect of it and GUILT works for me. I have another 20-25 lbs to go but I am stuck. Any advice to restart / remotivate??????

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