Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 9 {Traveling With Kids and “As Seen On TV” product Reviews}

Episode 8, May 18, 2009

Sum, sum, summertime, sum, sum, summertime!

Summer is coming! And that means summer vacations.  And when there is vacation, there is usually travel. And we all know that traveling with kids is TOUGH!

Well guess what? The Musing Mommies Dawn and Kim are HERE FOR YOU!! We have all the tips, all the tricks and all the car games you can handle! We know what it’s like to be trapped in the car for hours with a child; learn what we did to make those drives, flights and rides more tolerable.

Once you have your travel plans made, sit back and relax and find out the straight dope on all those As Seen On TV products.  Do they really work??? Kim and Dawn give their reviews of many of your late night favorites.  Put away the credit cards and forget about the easy payments until you hear what we think of these “amazing” items!

The podcast link is below. Enjoy!

Kim and Dawn

PS. And just when you thought things couldn’t get more silly, take a look at this video for the Bullet Express…

The Bullet Express – YOUTUBE Video


Links and Info: [Momsminivan][Travel Checklist][Car Seat Tray][AsSeenOnTV][Home Sanctuary]

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  1. Rachel Anne says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your podcast! You girls are so fun and what you are doing here is really special. It was great to “see” you via skype and get to chat about blogging!

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