Did You Know??? There’s a Photo Contest Goin’ On!
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One of my greatest loves is photography, and I am just giddy and excited whenever I get the opportunity to do something related to it.  And right now I am smack dab in the middle of an exciting project with the one and only Rachel Anne Ridge from Home Sanctuary!hs-logoNot only did Mrs. Ridge bless Kim and I with an amazing interview for our show this week, but she has graciously asked me to help her with her new exciting project, a book called Company Girlnewsletter-logo

Rachel Anne is holding a CONTEST for this project.  Head on over to Company Girl and read the text for the book, then look through your pictures and send some in for your chance to have you images published in the book!! How awesome is that!?!


I look forward to your entries!

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  1. Rachel Anne says:

    Thank you for spreading the word…and, (ahem) I think we need to see some or YOUR photos, Miss Dawn! Can’t wait!

    Love the button! I have button guilt because I STILL haven’t gotten yours into my sidebar! :(

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