Sickness, when mama is down.

CoolClips_peop2734It seems to me when Mom is sick things do not get done.  Why is that?  Do the others in the house not know how to take care of things? Do they just think “we’ll save it for mom to do”? Are they afraid that they will mess it up?  I’m not sure, maybe it’s all of these maybe it’s something totally different.  I’ve just notice from my recent and ongoing bout with Strep Throat that if mama is down then the house goes to pot!  Dad does help out but dad has a totally different view it seems.  I can’t imagine being a single mom.  My goodness, then there would be NO resting of the sick mama.  How does that even work?  I’m thankful that I’m not in that situation.  But to those who are KUDOS!

You know I can’t help myself when I’m sick, I still have to do my duty; clean up the kitchen, make sure the kids have clothes, give baths, make meals…(not gourmet, but at least give them something to eat.)  Where does this drive or need come from?  I can’t lay in bed for two days – I just can’t do it.  Why not? Dad does.  And so when Baby Girl or Boy gets sick too, mom takes care of them despite the fact that she is feeling very disoriented herself.  Mom takes a pill or drinks some Emergen-C and gets back to work!

So take this as a reminder that there are moms all over just like you who do not get to rest, relax and recoup like we are told to do.  Just remember, drink lots of fluids…whatever that may be!


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  1. Injustice! I get every single cold my kids do & have yet to get one rest while ill. Dad, gets about 1/4 of the bugs they bring home (since he has a hands off when sick policy), but the moment he feels a hint of a sniffle he’s headed to bed (aka alone time to read, watch movies, and sleep). Not fair:( Thanks for stopping by my spot, come back anytime!

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