Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 17 {Talkin’ about the heavy stuff, and some fun things}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 17, July 14, 2009

Being a mom isn’t all fun and games.  Sure we get to do the cool stuff – wiping bottoms and digging boogies out of noses.  We get to potty train and teach and clean up after our kids –  fun times!  But sometimes we have to get serious and talk to our kids about the heavy stuff.  Sometimes we have to explain things we really don’t want to even talk about, let alone break down into the fine details for someone under the age of 20.

But talk we must.  And Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn, well they are good at talking! The MuMo Moms share their experiences explaining the tough subjects to their kids.

It’s not all seriousness though, so stayed tuned after the break for some exciting things coming up for Kim and Dawn.  It is going to be a fun summer indeed!

Until next time,
Kim and Dawn


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