What’s On Your Lips?
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Literally. classic_main_img

I am a ChapStick fanatic.  Lunatic.  Addict.  No matter how I try to get rid of it, I can’t do without it.  And if you ask me what the best one out there is; the Classic Spearmint. It covers better, lasts longer and makes my lips softer than the other flavors/scents.  I’ve tried them all, tried the competitors and tried the crazy off brands and nothing comes close.

I used to be a lipstick/lip gloss girl.  I had my favorites and I wore something on my lips all the time.  But then I had kids and after trying to wipe gooey, colored lip prints off of my baby’s bald head a million times I gave up on anything with color or thickness.  The ChapStick was the perfect solution – I didn’t mind it getting on my kids and if it did it was easy to wipe off.

So now I am addicted. I have tubes everywhere; by my computer, my nightstand, the bathroom, my diaper bag and usually my pocket.  I used to leave them in the car but since global warming I had to stop. Melted ChapStick is not fun for anybody.

But one day not too long ago I decided I wanted an alternative, something with a little color, to keep in the diaper bag (in case I forgot my ChapStick). lipslicks_lip_gloss_1 So, I had a coupon for $1 off a CoverGirl Cosmetic (have to be thrifty about it!) and decided to give the CoverGirl LipSlicks Lipgloss a try.  It was inexpensive and looked light enough to help ease me back into the world of lip cover.

I have to say, while it feels nice on and has a nice, subtle color, this stuff stinks. Literally! It has that old school, plastic, petroleum smell that went away when scents entered the cosmetic marketplace in the 80’s.  I hate putting it on, but being my frugal self, I refuse to throw it away.  So it sits in my diaper bag for those ChapStick-less emergencies, and hopefully one day I will use it all up so I can toss it.

So tell MuMo Dawn, what is on your lips?  Is there a product you swear by? Can’t live without it? Must have it on you at all times?

I really want to know!


4 Comments to “What’s On Your Lips?”

  1. marie burk says:

    I have spearmint chapstick stashed all over the with my inhalers its like a drug to me…

  2. Cat says:

    I am a Burt’s Bees gal myself… I ALWAYS have one with me….

  3. Delisa says:

    I used to be a chapstick girl myself, but I now prefer a glossy shine. I just use vaseline while at home but when I’m on the go, I use CO Bigelow Lip Formula from Bath and Body Works. I’ve tried a lot of products and am very picky as to what goes on my lips. There’s a certain “heavy” feel that I look for. It’s very hard to describe. I’ve only found what I like thru trial and error.

  4. Vanessa says:

    No matter what season I need to have a chapstick in my purse. No, that’s not true, I need one in my purse and my jacket and one in the car as well as in the diaper bag! It has gotten to the point that I buy it in bulk. My husband stopped doing the laundry because he kept finding chapsticks in the dryer and he did not want to get into trouble!

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