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MuMos have decided to take part in the Company Girl Coffee! This is a weekly posting started by our friend Rachel Anne over at Each week we will share a little something from our lives either personally or as The Musing Mommies.

Inviting a friend over for coffee is so much less stressful than throwing a dinner party or a fancy brunch.  All you need to do is put out the invitation in the form of a link in Friday’s Coffee’s On! post, and then just relax and enjoy the company
-Rachel Anne

Girls, this is YOUR chance to share with each other, over a virtual cup of coffee, the things that are happening at your homes!
-Rachel Anne

Please visit each week and enjoy our crazy suburban lives.

MuMo Kim – What a week this has been!  This was the first week of school for Baby Girl, although she’s not a baby anymore.  2nd grade is a big deal if you didn’t already know that.  Before school started we had decided that Baby Girl would be going to a new school.  We were told “she’s in”.  We brought the proper paperwork and such up to the school to get her transferred in.  Then when I called to to make sure they had everything from our end we were told she didn’t get in because the school district decided not to open up a new classroom for all the transfers.  Baby Girl was heart broken.  She cried. It wasn’t a good experience.  We decided to stay in the school where she’s previously attended.  We went to orientation and met her teacher.  EVERYONE told Baby Girl that this teacher is “so sweet” “so nice” “you’ll love her”.  This helped Baby Girl to be a bit more excited to attend school. So far so good.  We are still holding out hope for this new school.  By next week we should know for sure if they open a new class or not.

Baby Boy had preschool orientation this week.  He starts class next week.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES the music teacher.  She is awesome with the kiddos.  He ran right up to her and gave big hugs.  Now he did not however do this to his last year’s teacher nor his this year’s teacher.  I’m a bit worried that he’s already made up his mind to not like them but I am hoping that it’s just that he doesn’t know his new teacher very well. He also is not in class with any of his last year’s buddies.  In fact he is in a small class and is the only boy at this time.  I pray that this changes quick.  He will not take well to being the only boy.  Baby Boy needs a buddy.  We will find out next week I guess.

I am trying my hardest to get into a routine.  Waking at 6:30 in not ideal for me.  I think I’m doing well with it.  I’ve been going to bed early on the nights that I can to make sure I don’t go into sleep deprivation. Next week I will have 3 days a week to do with what I want.  I have some plans.  Tuesdays will be Podcast edit day ;).  As for the other two, solo grocery shopping and errand running sounds heavenly! I’m also going to get this house IN ORDER!!! No more excuses.

Well my coffee is almost empty and I need to find out what MuMo Dawn has been up to.  I’ve enjoyed our Coughfee Tawk this week!  Thank you for stopping by.


MuMo Dawn: Hi Ladies! Welcome to the Musing Mommies Podcast Blog! I am so glad you stopped by for coffee! I love it when you all come to my personal blog, so when MuMo Kim suggested we host coffee over here, I told her it was an excellent idea!

Well my week has been crazy as usual.  My parents were here on an extended visit from the weekend (and Kiddo’s birthday party) and by the time they left I was even further behind on all my work.  My photography business has been wonderful this summer and I am absolutely swamped, but I love it!  I just got back from Houston tonight – I had a wonderful newborn session this morning for a fantastic mommy there.  Her baby girl was so gorgeous! She gave us both a workout though; she did not want to sleep for anything! lol! She was quite the challenge, but I know I got some amazing images out of her anyway.

This weekend I hope to catch up a bit on editing and housework and then next week I will be planning and packing for a small, extended family vacation. I am so excited!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We love having you here and we will be sure to check out everyone else’s post this week too. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Teresa says:

    To Kim,
    It is really hard when a child doesn’t get on with their teacher particularly well. But I guess in 12 + years of schooling if you have 1 or 2 teachers that aren’t as good with your child as the other that you are still doing alright. I know that my oldest boy needs extending but also know that because it isn’t happening at school that it will be up to me to do it at home.

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