Company Girl Coffee 10.2.09

company girl coffeeMmmm on this chilly morning (64 degrees) a nice warm mug of Green Tea with Hazelnut creamer hits the spot!  Can’t you just feel that yummy goodness slide down that dry rough sleepy throat and coat the stomach perfectly?  I sure can.

Ah, Friday I love you!  It’s the start of the weekend.  Fun Friday, as we refer to it, is upon us.  The kids are at school. I’ve gotten some much needed house work checked off of my list.  I’ve eaten a good helping of leftovers for lunch and managed to paint my toenails a bright October-esque ORANGE!  hee hee hee. I love matching my toes to the season/holiday!  In a few hours I will pick up the kids, take DD to swim practice and we will get a fun Friday treat from somewhere. Then we’ll play for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is a big day for DD. It’s her first ever swim meet!  This past week she moved up in Swim.  She is now a Bronze Team member. Woo Hoo. We are not sure what exactly to expect tomorrow since we’ve never been to a meet before.  But I expect it will be a great learning experience for both DD and her parents. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to act. Am I to cheer like crazy or do I sit quietly and critique? I guess I’ll just observe what everyone else is doing and then go with that!  Not sure I’ll be able to contain myself from a bit of cheering, just think Roseanne style! I will for sure have my camera though. DD and DS have their own Paparazzi.

Wish us luck this weekend!


Hey there Company Girls!

The coffee will be hot all day today I am afraid – I have been up since 3:53 this morning. The baby is trying to make this early rising thing a Friday tradition! I am not liking it one bit!  He went down for a nap too early for me to nap too – so I puttered around in the garden for a while.  That was so nice – the temp outside is absolutely perfect! I love days like this!

So this week I’ve planted lettuce, spinach, onion and carrots and hopefully will finally finish planting for the fall with some garlic this week. I need to find some organic first. Everything is doing pretty great – I already have broccoli sprouts and the brussel sprout seeds I replanted a couple of weeks ago are slowly coming in too. Hopefully I can get it all going strong soon. Last night we had a bit of a hail storm and I was worried about my outside babies, but it appears they all weathered it just fine.

Well, I think I used up all my brain power for the moment, so I will go take a break. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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4 Comments to “Company Girl Coffee 10.2.09”

  1. Angie says:

    What a fun idea: painting your toes to match the season! My girls would LOVE that. Maybe I will add orange and black nail polish to the shopping list.

    Just stopped by from Home Sanctuary.
    Have a great day and good luck with the swim meet!!

  2. Rachel Anne says:

    Kim, I always go without toenail polish during the colder months because some of my toenails get damaged from the polish during the sandal months. So I removed my nail polish last week, thinking I’d get an early start. But i couldn’t take looking at them bare toes so I caved in and slapped some super dark polish on them again today. I guess I’m not quite ready to give up my flip flops for the year.

    Dawn, someday I want to see your garden. Or you could come and help me put one in? Get some sleep, girl! I feel tired FOR you.

  3. Melissa says:

    Kim, I hope the swim meet went well! :)

    Dawn, the early wake up call won’t last forever. Don’t worry! Now I find myself crawling out of bed thinking that 6:45am is early! :)

    Have a great week girls!

  4. Joyce says:

    Kim – I could go for some green tea right now, but alas I also have a sleeping baby in my arms and I also want to nap. I’m going to be crazy mom who is way to loud. Good luck to DD!

    Dawn – It’s not a tradition I would like either.

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