Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 30 {Maintenance}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 30, October 12, 2009

Being a mom is all about “maintenance”.   We maintain the bathroom by replacing the toilet paper when it runs out.  We maintain our families’ bodies by feeding and clothing and diapering them. We maintain peace and order in the household on a daily basis (well, we try anyway). But what about the big stuff?? When are we suppose to maintain ourselves? Our cars? The big items in our home?

This week, Musing Mommies answer all your questions regarding maintenance!  MuMos Kim and Dawn will help you work out the schedule for your physical health as well as your house and vehicles.  You will now have all the information you need to keep everything in tip top shape!

So pull out the calendar and get ready to schedule everything in!  Don’t forget to schedule time to relax with your favorite mommy podcast!

Until next time,
Kim and Dawn

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Links: Tire info|Car Info|Microwave and other home maintenance info

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