Company Girl Coffee 10.16.09

Welcome our CG sisters! company girl coffee

My mission is to get my life in order.

I’ve let things go WAY too long. My house, my weight, my everything! I’m tired of being tired and worn out and not having accomplished much. So yesterday, after a slap in the face by my scale, I decided to do something about it. I opened up my google calendar and started scheduling things. Everything from showers to housework; from working out to swim lessons. I also included workouts with friends, walking with someone one day and doing a yoga/dance video with someone on another. I feel good about it. I’ve got a goal and a way to reach it. Today was my first day with my new schedule. And when I get an iPhone in February I’ll have it with me always. Today went great. I feel good, I accomplished much. I also started calorie counting! I stuck to it yesterday, and I feel I had more energy. Day two is starting and I have plans to go walking with a gal pal and a couple of hair appointments (me being the hairdresser :). This weekend I get to go on a shoot with our very own MuMo Dawn! I’m way excited to be her assistant.

The family is doing great. No sickies, with the exception of some runny noses due to MOLD. DD is doing great in school. We had teacher parent conference this week and teacher said DD is smart, but she needs to slow down and not always be the first to turn in her work. Being so rushed she skips things and has very sloppy writing like her mother. But she does have all A’s at this point! She’s also doing well with all of her activities, piano, swim and school musical. She’s been getting awesome grades and lots of extra credits in piano. She’s been keeping up with her new swim team since she’s moved up a level. and the school musical has been fairly easy so far. She’s an “extra” so she doesn’t have much to memorize, good thing for me!

DS is doing well. He’s in school 3 days a week right now but at starting in November he’ll only be going two days. We’ve opted to drop that day and possibly get him into some martial arts class. His teacher decided to say home so a new teacher has taken her place. Miss Mary! DS loves Miss Mary. I picked him up from school yesterday and I found him in teachers lap as she read to the class! So cute! He’s already requested that she come over for a play date LOL!
DH has had a great week. He’s launched a new iPhone app for the Houston Zoo and it’s getting rave reviews. They also launched the app for the Woodland Park Zoo last week and it’s doing fab also. He’s still stressed but at least it’s with happy good things!  Well thank you gals for checking in on me.  I hope all of you have a great week.

Here’s to beginning something good. Anyone want to renew their lives with me?


Good Morning Company Girls!

MuMo Dawn here – I’m hovering over my coffee hoping the steam helps the wake up process.  We had a big cold front come in yesterday afternoon; our temps went from 85 degrees at 2PM down to about 75 by 4PM.  This morning it is in the 50’s and while I love it, it makes me move a bit slower.  This old gal’s bones do not like the cold!  (truth be told, my body has never reacted well to cold, but I like to now blame it on being old. ;) )

Of course, the cold weather is making the kids and the animals frisky, and before my coffee kicks in I am not so thrilled about it. lol!  This weekend should be fun though – I have 3 photo sessions on Saturday and I am absolutely ecstatic! Kim is going to be my super-duper assistant for the first one, a newborn session about an hour outside of town.  It will be nice to have someone in the car with me driving all that way.  And hopefully things will go a lot smoother with her helping me out.  Then Saturday evening I have 2 family holiday sessions. I am excited about those as well.

Last weekend my session and the wedding went great! There were some hiccups along the way, but it was a terrific day overall.  I just love shooting weddings! Hopefully I can pick up some more pretty soon.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by!

PS. Did you see our new banner up there?!? Isn’t it awesome!? :D

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