Company Girl Coffee 10.23.09

company girl coffeeIt’s Friday, it’s Friday, come on in and at this late time of the day enjoy some beverage of your choice!

How was your week? Got any plans for the weekend? I hope all is well. My week was busy, but not overly stressful. Got some things done that I intended to.  This weekend I get to play assistant for Dawn again.  This time a senior shoot!  I’m excited about that.  I don’t have too much to gab about, other thank how excited I am that New Moon (movie) comes out in less than a month!!! *calming breath* BTW, scroll down to the previous post and read about our current giveaway/contest. Enter if you dare!

Talk with you all soon.


Hello All!

Another busy week for me! I had 3 photo sessions over last weekend so I am neck deep in editing land.  MuMo Kim made a most excellent assistant, and I get the pleasure of working with her again this weekend on a senior session. I am so excited!

We are now all set with Halloween costumes for the boys.  I broke down and purchased the Batman Dark Night costume for the Kiddo and a sweet friend of mine loaned us a Classic Batman costume for the baby.  They should be super cute!  I can feel my brain starting to gear up for the holidays…I am craving Christmas music and many a baked good. lol! And now that the temps have dropped again I think my holiday spirit has been stirred.  I can’t wait to get full swing into the season.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by.  The comments should be fixed now, so please let us know you were here. :)


2 Comments to “Company Girl Coffee 10.23.09”

  1. Rachel Anne says:

    Hey there my Austinite girlfriends! Sounds like your week flew by as fast as mine did! Ack! I’m relaxing on my NEW BED and I didn’t even have to wait 6 hours for the delivery man. HAD to buy new flannel sheets…a bed this nice wouldn’t appreciate my ratty old ones.

    The batman costumes sound cute! Kim, why do I think you kids will be dressed in a New Moon theme??? Just guessing.

  2. Marie says:

    This is the very first year in about thirty that I don’t have a child dressing up for Halloween…..I have to admit that I’m kinda looking forward to it…but I do love seeing my grandkids all dressed up…I’m sure your’s will look darlin’!

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