Movie Review- “The Haunted Airman” Day 11

The other night I invited some of “the girls” over, including MuMo Dawn, to watch the newly released “The Haunted Airman”. Since Robert Pattinson won most of our hearts with his Edward portrayal in Twilight the movie, it’s the least we can do to watch his other movies. Right?

This movie is not what I would consider a good movie.  I’m sorry RPattz.  But I will say that I think he is really a good actor.  Just because the story line wasn’t the best doesn’t mean that RP didn’t shine.

This is a movie about a wounded war vet that is haunted by his dreams. He often sees things that aren’t actually there.  His girlfriend isn’t what we think she is.  His Doc is a bit creepy to say the least and the other patients, we’ll they seem fairly CRAZY.

In short, this movie isn’t very good, but if you need an younger RP fix, rent it, turn the sound down and gaze the screen when RP is on.


Ok, I am going to chime in here. I agree with MuMo Kim about the movie – blech.  The only way it was remotely enjoyable was because the gals were there too laughing and making funny comments.   And as for RP, well I am so very sorry but from what I have seen of him so far I am not entirely sure he’s that great of an actor.  Maybe he will get better with experience, but in this performance, well, honestly, he was Edward.  It was the same character! And maybe that had a lot to do with the story line, but take out the constant cigarette smoking and the accent in this film and I half expected Bella to walk in the door at any moment.

JMO. Sorry Kim. ;)


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