Pros and Cons to Shopping Day 12
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I have a love/hate relationship with Grocery shopping!  I like to go by myself. I do not like going with the kids.  It’s just not fun or even very productive when they are with me.  So I schedule shopping when they are at school.  Now I like to browse, when I have time, up and down the isles reading ingredients and doing some comparison shopping. I also like to listen to my ipod. I get in some good podcast, audiobook, or music time in and it makes the trip more enjoyable.  I also like to go prepared. I try my best not to forget my reusable bags and my Cozi shopping list.

Now what really irks me is when I can’t find something I really need/want.  Like the special holiday creamer!  Why is it that out of the four grocers that I have closest to me only one of them has it in stock?  Grrr now I love my HEB and there are three very close to me. My fav being the furthest away. The HEB Plus and the older less attractive and smallest HEB being the closest. I really do not enjoy shopping at the old HEB. But for some reason they are the ONLY one carrying the special creamer right now.  Yet at the checkout I am printed a nice little coupon for this special creamer.  Doesn’t make sense to me. Here is a coupon but we won’t have it in stock for a couple of weeks.

So how do you feel about grocery shopping?  Do you love it?  Hate it? Won’t do it?  Or are you indifferent?


That creamer is hard to find anywhere.  Every year it is a scramble to find the bottles in the stores.  And the stores don’t put it in the most obvious of places either.  They still can’t keep it on the shelves.

But shopping in general, yes, I love me some alone shopping time.  Shopping with the kids is a hassle.  Just to keep them happy you have to get the massive cart that is impossible to steer.  You have to bring snacks and beverages and 99% of the time I can’t just get what I came for because at some point I will get talked into buying something for the kids.  It is so nice to go alone and skip the toy grabber games at the end; to push the small cart or even, *gasp* carry a hand basket!  It is fun to peruse the specialty item section without having to worry about the baby pulling a pricey bottle of truffle oil off the shelves.

But, like Kim, I do hate it the most when the one item I go in for isn’t there. Grrr!


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  1. I LOVE grocery shopping too, and I agree absolutely that taking children more or less ruins the experience. I’m one of those “pick up the fruit, squeeze, and sniff” kind of shoppers. I love the smell of produce, finding new things to try, and it is darn near impossible with my toddler and 4 year old in tow. If they do come with me, the first place that we go (if I have no snacks) is to buy them the 25¢ piece of ripened fruit and any free bread samples that we can find. Or — I just buy a box of croissants, let the kids munch, and then we’re all good.

  2. Christa says:

    Shopping…ahh I have so many different feelings about shopping! I love it when I get great deals. For instance, I got the good brand of skinless boneless chicken two weeks ago for $2.99, the 1.25 lb packages (it’s usually %5.99 a package!). There was no limit on what you could buy, so I bought 10 packages. I wish I’d bought more! However, I HATE how much the cost of groceries has gone up and I found out last weekend that going shopping with a one year old is almost impossible! It was the first time I’d taken her shopping without my husband since she’s gotten so gol-darn active and I thought I was going to LOSE MY MIND!! She kept trying to stand up in the cart…she took everything out of my purse…I just about went nuts. I had a brief fantasy about dropping her off in the bread aisle.

    Only brief though! :-D

    So, it’s a love hate. I love finding good deals, i hate the time it takes and I hate the cost.

    HOWEVER, I keep in mind how much light exercise I get because shopping for us is a 2-3 hour thing every 2 weeks, the weekend after payday. We go to Super Target and Costco and 2-3 hours of walking, even with stopping to pick things up or check the ingrediants helps out a lot!!

    Love the podcast girls btw!


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