The Mom Workout
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workoutSo last night I discovered a way cool work out.  Well, one “move” anyway.  If you want strong thighs, this is great for building those muscles, and your kid(s) will love it too.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up and my Kiddo (5yrs) was bugging me.  He is always an attention monger around bedtime – he tries his hardest to soak up as much of us as he can get before the day is through.  So he was in the kitchen too, underfoot and play fighting with me by punching me in the “keister”. (lol! His word, not mine.)  I was trying to be playful instead of annoyed – all part of my current challenge to be softer towards my son in stead of always being “mean mommy”, and so I was backing into him and bumping him around the kitchen.  He thought it was great fun, and so he escalated the play fighting and tried to grab me around the waist (when did he get so tall??).

When he did, I grabbed his hands and hoisted him up on my back just above my hips.  Holding him there, I bounced him up and down by doing some semi squats.  Talk about burning those thigh muscles! OUCH!  I ended up doing about 5 sets of 10 squats while we played, and today my thighs are killing me.

So, if you need a good workout that keeps the kids entertained, try that move out for a good upper leg workout.

I’m here for you mommas!
MuMo Dawn ;)

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