13 Ways I Get Back into Blogging after a Vacation (re post) Day 23

Because I personally love browsing blogs I thought I’d re post something I read on ProBlogger. Please read and don’t leave us all hangin after the Turkey day break:

Yesterday was my first day back at blogging after a 10 day vacation with my family and on Twitter I commented that I was finding it a little hard to get my brain back into blogging mode. @Mikeachim responded by suggesting I write a post on the daily rituals that I use to get my mind into gear.

I thought I’d take his suggestion and jot down a few notes – both as a way of getting my head back into blogging but also because looking at the tweets I received this morning it’s a problem many bloggers face.

As my head is a little scattered today (as I readjust) I’m going to tackle this as a list post – here’s a few thoughts:

1. Coffee

2 lattes with a sugar in each is a fairly essential part of my blogging routine.

2. Cafes

More important than the fact that I get caffeine into my bloodstream each morning is the fact that I do it in one of 2-3 local cafes each day. I find getting out of the house (I usually walk to them so get a 10 minute walk in too) helps me to snap myself out of ‘home mode’ and into ‘working/blogging mode’. I also find that blogging in public is stimulating too – sitting in the middle of a cafe is noisy and some might find it distracting but for me I find it actually helps me generate ideas and takes me into a slightly more social space than sitting alone at home in my front room.

You can read the rest of the article HERE!


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  1. It’s hard getting back on the horse. I wrote everyday for months. Then I skipped a day. I felt like I was being mean to my readers. Now I skip 2-3 days a month and I find it becoming a little more and more. I even skipped a whole weekend. I’m ashamed. Just kidding. But that’s how it feels sometimes.

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