It’s beginning to look a lot… Day 29
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20091129-_MG_5580My family and I went to my parents house this week for Thanksgiving.  While I was there my sister made something for us.  She’s doesn’t claim to be a crafty person but I beg to differ.

Isn’t this just so cute!  It fits perfectly on my front porch and it will add to the ambiance nicely once I get our garland around our door.  I just love this little tree. She says it’s so easy.  You just start with a tomato cage (turned upside down) and zip tie the top together.  Then wrap with garland of choice. Zip tie the garland in spots to cover the cage, then string lights and voila a tree!  You of course can decorate any way you want.  I just love Christmas decorations and the more lights the better!  I’m a total Griswold and would have the outside of my house decorated to the hilt if I were able to do it myself.  But my house is on such a steep hill there’s no way I can get around to trim the house. Some day…


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