Gratitude Monday Day 30
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It’s Gratitude Monday! This is something was started by our very own MuMo Dawn! If you don’t know what gratitude Monday is please check out her post HERE.

Today I am sharing my MuMo co host and friend Dawn! This is what it means to know Dawn Fry! Because I know she LOVES bullet points ;)

Dawn is:

  • giving, sometimes too giving and won’t stand up for herself when she’s clearly in the right
  • shy to the extent that it often prevents her from having a fun time
  • talented in more than just one area.
  • willing to help out anyone who’s in need
  • an awesome baker
  • great at coming up with ideas but sometimes need a little nudge to get going
  • laking in confidence and I’m certain that if she was more confident she’d be a more fulfilled person
  • too quick to think it’s her fault
  • a christian who tries to live her beliefs
  • is a person with integrity, she’s honest
  • is becoming one of my closest friends

Dawn quickly stepped up to a challenge I put out when I wanted to change my life up a bit.  I had an exciting idea and I wanted someone to share and help me with it. Dawn accepted my Co Host plea and I’m so very very thankful that she did.  I can’t imagine being a MuMo Podcast co host with anyone else.  She’s helped me realize a great many things about myself and for that she shall be rewarded!  Thank you Dawn for all that you do and for being my Friend!  I know we will have a truly lasting friendship.


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  1. Delisa says:

    Aww! *tears*

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