Texting for Moms

I just have to share this blog post that I came across. It’s GREAT for us moms that actually text (poking Dawn).  I think you all will get a kick out of it.

I found this on the Hip Moms Who Work blog.

Seems like everything under the sun has a text shorthand equivalent (just checkout netlingo.com) but no one has come up with text shorthand for Moms. WTF?! We deserve our own secret language!

I’ve taken the liberty of starting a list of shorthand we can use when we text one another. Of course, I based this on the most commonly used phrases in the current Mom lexicon.

MKRDMN – My Kids Are Driving Me Nuts
OMGMKRDMFN – Oh My God My Kids Are Driving Me F***ing Nuts
MHIDMN – My Husband Is Driving Me Nuts
OMGMHIDMFN – Oh My God My Husband Is Driving Me F***ing Nuts
MNC – Mommy Needs Coffee
MNW – Mommy Needs Wine
MNM – Mommy Needs Margaritas
MNV – Mommy Needs Vodka
ITHNNIHH- I Told Him Not Now I Have A Headache
CTMA – Calgon Take Me Away
WHIJCTPU – What Happened I Just Cleaned This Place Up
MNANO – Mommy Needs A Night Out
IIHTGTASGIWLMS – If I Have To Go To Another Soccer Game I Will Lose My S***
GTT – Going To Target
GTC – Going To Costco
GGS – Going Grocery Shopping
HNTGAV – Husband Needs To Get A Vasectomy
LCKMA – Laundry Can Kiss My Ass
GMOH – Get Me Outta Here
GMFOH – Get Me the F*** Outta Here
LGAT&L – Let’s Go All Thelma & Louise
WRWGFDBINMA – Where Are We Going For Dinner Because I’m Not Making Any
MBRSSTFOOMBWIBO – My Boobs Are So Saggy They Fall Out Of My Bra When I Bend Over
WYPSP# – What’s Your Plastic Surgeon’s Phone Number
IHSMLIAW – I Haven’t Shaved My Legs In A Week
IHSYT – I Haven’t Showered Yet Today
IHBMTYT – I Haven’t Brushed My Teeth Yet Today
INAM/P – I Need A Mani/Pedi
IHNTW – I Have Nothing To Wear
INTGOM – I Need To Get Out More
INTGAB – I Need To Get A Babysitter
IGCYWC – I’m Going Crazy You Wanna Come
WYSP# – What’s Your Shrink’s Phone Number

So if you have any more to add to this please leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. Boston Kim says:

    how about…

    INAVWH&K – I need a vacation without husband and kids
    DUKOAGBS – do you know of a good boarding school

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