I’ve got a question or two…

It’s February 1st, January is G.O.N.E. Do you feel more organized? No, me neither. But I feel like I’ve had a good start. Keeping it fresh in my mind is giving me steam to keep going. I know it’s a work in progress because it is such a big project. I know I can do it and I’m sure you can too.
Have you been enjoying the Facebook page daily tasks? Are they helping at all? What can we do to improve on them?

I have another question for you, are you ready? Ok here:
What can the Musing Mommies do to make your life better (that is within our power and within reason)?
What do you need from us?
What would you like for us to talk about?
Is there someone you’d like us to interview?
Do you want to be on the show?
Ok, so that was more than one question, but I’m on a roll ;)
Tell us what you think. We love and need your feedback to make our podcast and website a better thing. Help us out please and give us your thoughts.

We love you and are so grateful for you, our fans.

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