Sickies This Week! Join Us For Our First March Podcast
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Hi there Musing Mommies!

We are so sorry to say there won’t be a Musing Mommies podcast  this week.  Both Kim and I had a nasty bout with a tummy bug early in the week.  Then on Wednesday we tries to record a podcast for you via Skype, and for some reason it didn’t record.  Kim’s family got hit with the bug at the end of the week, so we decided it best to just scrap this week’s podcast.

We will be back next week though with an exciting interview with Jerilyn from The Because Show where we will talk all about being a mom in L.A.

Check back in with us! We can’t wait to talk to you again!

Until next time,

~Kim and Dawn


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  1. Hey Kim and Dawn, I am sooooo sorry you guys are sick! total sucko! I hope you are feeling better :) I know you guys had snow in Texas last week, so I bet it has been a tough week. Just know we love you and can’t wait to hear from you when you are feeling better! love and blessings, melody/

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