Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 55 {A Little About Aplastic Anemia}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 55 Monday April 12th, 2010

Hey Musing Mommies Listeners! The MuMos Kim and Dawn hope you are enjoying this fine spring weather! Have you planted your garden? Have you washed the windows? Have you switched out your fall with your spring wardrobe?

Yeah, we haven’t either. ;)

This week Kim and Dawn are bringing things down a notch to touch on a more serious topic, childhood illness, as we take on an interview with the sweet and funny, Mary Hubbell.  Mary is mother to Katy, who at age 4 was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, Aplastic Anemia. Listen in as Mary shares her journey through something no child or parent should ever have to face.

And, you might want to keep some tissues close by. ;) But don’t worry, there are some great, touching and funny moments to be heard as well.

Until next time,
Kim and Dawn

LINKS|Katy Hubbell|Ronald McDonald House|Houston’s Children’s Hospital|Ultimate Blog Party|National Marrow Donor Program

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  1. Ladies,
    This interview was great! Kathy was so well versed on the subject & spoke so clearly I actually felt I understood the medical condition. She was so honest & open, loved it!

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