Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 63 {Eclipse with Kallie Ross}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 63 Monday June 14th 2010

Most everyone loves a good romantic story; the drama, the suspense, the hanging on every word spoken, every word thought, every glance and embrace.  If you add in a third person to the mix and create that super tense, super intriguing love triangle, and whoa baby!! Sparks will fly!

But, if you make everyone involved teenagers and add in an element of the supernatural, well by golly you’ve got yourself a hit on your hands! And guess what Musing Mommies listeners?!?! The Musing Mommies are talking about the biggest love story to hit the book stores in the last 10 years, the Twilight Series.

I know, you must be shocked. Kim and Dawn never, ever talk about Twilight! ;)

This week we have the extreme privilege to bring to our podcast, Kallie Ross from Twilight Series Theories! Listen in for this great interview that Kim and Dawn are bring to you, just in time for the release of the third movie based on the book series, Eclipse.

And let us know, are you Team Edward, or Team Jacob? :)

Until next time,
~Kim and Dawn

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  1. Mel says:

    Team Jacob….yup, I said it….OUT LOUD!

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