Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 75 {Interview with The Ultimate Mom’s Club Founder Helena Marriott}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 75 Monday September 6th 2010
In our modern, fast paced world, it is tough to be a parent.  Balancing a work life, a social life and mommyhood are difficult to say the least.  It’s no wonder that many parents are finding themselves feeling isolated, worn out, unorganized and unhealthy.  With work in one place, the gym in another, the park over here, school over there and home somewhere else, we are constantly going, going, going from one place to the next.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have ONE place where you could go, could take the kids, and get everything done without having to drive all over town? And better yet, what if this magical place could not only provide a play area for your kids, but also a creative and educational atmosphere as well? What if you could fix a healthy lunch for yourself, work out, shower, make business calls, teach a class and be in the same facility as your children while they played, explored, learned and flourished under the watchful eye of other moms, your friends and trusted helpers?
They say, it takes a village.  This week, Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn would like to introduce you to The Village. Listen in as we interview Helena Marriott from, The Ultimate Mom’s Club.
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~Kim and Dawn

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  1. Hey Mammas,

    so I’ve been in the Austin area for a little over a year and I am just now finding you two! These podcasts are fun to listen to as I sit at my computer late at night doing work!

    I am so excited that Helena from UMC was on!!! (and a little surprise she didnt share the news with TX Momprenuers)

    I live in S. Austin and have been to UMC!! WHAT A FANTASTIC PLACE!!
    The backyard is wonderful. Its like a farm in the middle of the city!!!

    Way to go HELENA!!

    Fellow Momprenuer
    Our Austin City Kids
    K-12 Private School Fair

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