We have voicemail!!!
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We now have voicemail!!!


If you listened to our last podcast you’ll have heard we MuMos are taking part of the AT&T Share Brand Ambassador program.  So in doing so we have received a Blackberry Torch to use for the next year.  We’ll do some reviews on it and share our experiences. Dawn and I have Iphones, as you know, and have no idea how to use Blackberrys.  So if you have a Blackberry please leave us a comment and give us some insider tips as to how to use this phone to the fullest!

OUR NEW NUMBER IS: 213-280-5327.

So please call and leave us a voicemail.  You know you want to!  Ask us a question, comment on a show you’ve listened to, give us some tips for the phone.  Whatever you think we need to know (please no cranks or inappropriate comments, you will be blocked).

We are excited and eager to hear from you!

~Kim and Dawn

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