Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 99 {The books we love}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 99 Tuesday March 9th 2011

Sing it with me….99 Podcasts are up on our blog, 99 podcasts are here! Click on 1, listen for fun, soon there’ll be 100 podcast done!


99 Musing Mommies Podacasts Baby!! We are almost to the big 100 and Mumos Kim and Dawn could not be more excited! If you live in the Austin area, join us on March 21st for our big 100th show! There will be lots of great chat, loads of laughter, lots of good food (cuz you KNOW Dawn will be cooking!) and some prizes too!

Before we head out to places near and far for Spring Break, the Musing Mommies sat down to chat about the books we love. Listen in to hear Dawn and Kim’s favorite picks, plus bonus selections from a very special guest!

Until next time,

~Dawn and Kim

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  1. Eileen Kunstman says:

    Hi Kim and Dawn! I am really behind on podcasts so I just listened to your episode 99 on Saturday morning and found out I won your giveaway! Awesome! Thanks so much! Enjoyed your podcast as usual.


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