Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 213 {What Was That}
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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 213 Wednesday October 16th 2013.

Ok, so the Musing Mommies TRIED to podcast on Tuesday and poor Kim’s internet connection kept cutting out. So, after 3 tries we gave up and decided to try to finish the discussion on Wednesday. Things went great on Wednesday and when Kim tried to edit Wednesday’s recording into Tuesday’s, it WASN’T THERE. :( We want to cry. We want to stomp our fuzzy-socked feet and pout on the couch. We want to eat a bag of Oreo’s. But, sadly, none of those things will happen because we are big girls and we are on healthy eating plans. *sigh*

So, this episode was SUPPOSED to be all about fun stuff like….Candida…Heavy Metal Toxicity…Adrenal Fatigue…Sugar and Yeast Free Eating Plans…and a couple of WONDERFUL websites (links listed below) to help you navigate all of those lovely things. But instead, all that we have is a broken, pieced together recording of our discussion about some of those things. We admit defeat. But we still wanted to get SOME info to you this week. Next week we will start fresh, it WILL go better, and we will give you a COMPLETE podcast. Until then, we apologize for the chaos.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

~Dawn and Kim

LINKS: Whole New Mom (the blog) | Whole Approach | Can You Pass The Candida Test? (Dawn’s score, which got cut off, was 261!!!!)

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