Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 253 {What we want for our lives}
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tylerMusing Mommies Podcast Episode 253 Tuesday Sept. 2nd 2014

When you get to be older, you start to realize you took for granted the little things…like the joy of a morning walk, a good nap in the sun, and a fresh steak bone. Suddenly you have a bad day and you have to beg and beg your human for a stroll around the block, only to find that your body can’t handle it. So when she sits on the curb to give you a break, you give her a big selfie smile. And then you lick her face. ‘Cuz dogs like licking things. It makes ‘em happy.

This week the Musing Mommies ask, “What do you want for your life?” Tune in to find out if middle-aged dogs can learn new tricks. ;)

Peace, Love & Chattiness,

~Dawn and Kim

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