Welcome welcome! I know it’s a coffee thing but make mine iced! It’s about 73 out there right now with the wind blowing hard. If you haven’t taken your antihistamine I feel bad for you cause CEDAR FEVER has hit and it’s making it hitting hard right now. I have a headache just listening to […]

Welcome girls! It’s a raining chilly day here in the greater Austin Area. I’m in a really good mood for some reason! LOL. Last night we had a family celebration for my baby boy’s birthday. He was so happy with everything, gifts, guests, dinner, dessert, and life in general!  I think it must have rubbed […]

WOW Coffee with the CGs on the first day of a new year and a new decade?  What a way to start out! Welcome all. Come on in, grab a mug, and sit down to chat for a bit.  These past few weeks have gone by fast. Are the holidays really over? It kinda makes […]

Good morning girls! How quickly the holidays have passed. I’m actually on the road headed to the Texas panhandle. We just left from Dallas where my parents live. We had a great time laughing EATING playing and having a fun time. We even had a white Christmas!!! My kids were able to build thier first […]


Welcome girls! I’m tired. I could and would sleep for a long time. This week has done me in.  Let’s go back to last week shall we? Friday night was our Musing Mommies Cookie Exchange and holiday party.  We had a wonderful group of gals join us for some snacking and chatting.  It was a […]

There were people of all ages, from tiny baby to elderly!

Welcome girls, it’s a chilly day so let your mug of delish warm you up. It’s been a busy week, hasn’t it?  Thanksgiving travels, back to school, back to lessons and practice, and The Pioneer Woman! Dawn and I talked all about our Thanksgiving travels in our last podcast but let me tell you just […]

Welcome Company Girls and Other Beloved Readers! It’s 10AM on Black Friday – Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Girl, I’m not even thinking about that stuff today!! I am still swimming in tryptophan! lol I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was a whirlwind; after a completely sleepless night at my […]

Welcome Company Girls! Come on in, kick off your shoes, and grab a toasty mug.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Today I am home!  No gym, no piano practice, no swim practice, no grocery shopping just home.  Me and my untidy dirty but soon to be clean house.  Today I work on my house. […]


Welcome girls!  I’ve just purchased some vanilla spiced rum creamer so grab a mug and test it out. This week at DD’s school has been the “say no to drugs” week.  Every day it’s was a new theme.  Today was Literacy Day. Dress up as your favorite book character (they don’t allow the Halloween costume […]

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, come on in and at this late time of the day enjoy some beverage of your choice! How was your week? Got any plans for the weekend? I hope all is well. My week was busy, but not overly stressful. Got some things done that I intended to.  This weekend I […]

Welcome our CG sisters! My mission is to get my life in order. I’ve let things go WAY too long. My house, my weight, my everything! I’m tired of being tired and worn out and not having accomplished much. So yesterday, after a slap in the face by my scale, I decided to do something […]

Mmmm on this chilly morning (64 degrees) a nice warm mug of Green Tea with Hazelnut creamer hits the spot!  Can’t you just feel that yummy goodness slide down that dry rough sleepy throat and coat the stomach perfectly?  I sure can. Ah, Friday I love you!  It’s the start of the weekend.  Fun Friday, […]

Howdy Girls! I’ve been trying to think up a good post/story for you all day. Not sure I’ve got anything but here it goes. I’m hormonal! LOL.  I’m all over the place this week and it’s not quite PMS time.  What gives?   I think this MuMo is going to get a hormone panel done […]

Hello girls (and any guys out there)!  I’ve been looking forward to coffee and chat today.  Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us! I must say that this week has been a pretty good one!  Last weekend was nice an quiet with DH coming home Saturday from a business trip and then hanging […]

Good Morning Ladies!  It’s a great morning to grab a warm cup of coffee or tea. The clouds are looming, the temp is near 70 and the ground is wet with the rain from last night! I hope this week has been a great one for you all.  Mine was up and down and generally like a […]

Welcome welcome, pour yourself a cup of java, tea or whatever you prefer!  We are so glad you’ve stopped by. What a week I’ve had. Sickies, school, more school, podcasts and more.  This week marks the second week of 2nd grade for DD.  She brought home her reading log/homework folder Monday and returned to school, […]

company girl coffee

MuMos have decided to take part in the Company Girl Coffee! This is a weekly posting started by our friend Rachel Anne over at homesanctuary.com. Each week we will share a little something from our lives either personally or as The Musing Mommies. Inviting a friend over for coffee is so much less stressful than […]