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The Musing Mommies are giving away Diva Cups!

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We are giving away a few of the KMF 2010 Holiday Peace Collection products.

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It’s Summer, the kids are home from school. It’s getting HOT or warmer at least outside. The tide is changing, or is it?  Well either way, it’s time for another Musing Mommies Giveaway!!! This time around we are doing things a little different! To find out about the giveaway you must listen to our message, […]

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Moms love HEB, and HEB loves MOMS!! Once again, HEB has contacted the Musing Mommies and generously offered up an amazing prize for the Musing Mommies to give away, a $20 gift card to HEB!! MuMo listeners know the Musing Mommies love HEB – we talk about it all the time!  If you have an […]

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Look out Musing Mommies listeners, the Musing Mommies wanna Kiss Your Face! MWAH! We love our listeners soooo much, and we like to show our love by thanking you and doing awesome giveaways! And this time, the MuMos Kim and Dawn have teamed up with an amazing company, Kiss My Face. Kiss My Face is […]

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The Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn have some exciting news! You know how much we talk about HEB.  We love it, we shop there and we buy the HEB products.  But, did you know that HEB sells more than just groceries?!? I KNOW! They do! HEB has thousands of items for every room in your home.  And this Easter HEB wants you to […]

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Hey there MuMos! The Musing Mommies have another fantastic giveaway for you! In my mommy life, I rarely have time to shop for anything fun and exciting.  While pretty new necklaces and and endless supply of earrings once filled out my wardrobe, my collection now has turned to tarnished, neglected memories of my dressed up […]

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It’s that time again MuMo Listeners!! Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn had a wonderful holiday season.  They are starting the new year refreshed and ready for a challenge.  They have taken on the huge task of getting organized! And in the spirit of all things fresh, new and fun, the MuMos have decided to do […]

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Hey there MuMos! It’s time for another giveaway and Kim and Dawn have a great one for December.  As you all know, The Musing Mommies camped out last week at a local book store to participate in The Pioneer Woman Cooks book signing!  Kim and Dawn got their own personal copies of the book signed […]

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The Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn have some exciting news! You know how much we talk about HEB.  We love it, we shop there and we buy the HEB products.  But, did you know that HEB sells more than just groceries?!? I KNOW! They do! HEB has thousands of items for every room in your […]

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This month’s giveaway is all about Boobies!! Make sure to watch out for these guys though… It’s October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The MuMos want to show their support for this cause by giving away a bundle of pink! This is your chance to win a prize box that includes all kinds […]

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Congrats to Kris B! She is the winner of our $20 Build a Bear Gift card!  She is a Mom to 4 children including twins!  When she is not busy being Mom and Wife she is being a massage Therapist! If you are in the Austin TX area check out her massage packages: 2 Hands with […]

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Hey there MuMo listeners!! There are only 6 days left until our giveaway #2 ends!! We need your reviews on iTunes and YOU need a $25 VISA gift card! The Musing Mommies Podcast needs reviews on iTunes to be more easily found.  The more reviews we have, the more people can find us.  So we […]

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It’s that time again!! Time for a GIVEAWAY!!! You know you want it, you know you HAVE to have it!! Everyone could use cold hard cash – right?!?! OK, so we’re not giving away CASH exactly.  But this is close enough! Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn need you.  We really NEED YOU!  We need you […]

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Podcast Episode 11, June 1, 2009 Here it is! I found this week’s episode summary….let’s see….uh, no, that’s not it.  This must be it over here…under this pile…uh, oh, ACK! Landslide!!! Oh! Well good thing I found this! The Musing Mommies are talking about something most of us probably need a little help with – […]

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One of my greatest loves is photography, and I am just giddy and excited whenever I get the opportunity to do something related to it.  And right now I am smack dab in the middle of an exciting project with the one and only Rachel Anne Ridge from Home Sanctuary!Not only did Mrs. Ridge bless […]

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Comment #17, Amy,  is the lucky winner of our 1st giveaway!  YEA!!!  Amy won a box full of goodies that included some bath salts, a Pottery Barn essential oil diffuser, O.P.I. nail polish in a delicious shade of pink, a bottle of Biosilk, a set of photo note cards created by Kim, and a satchel […]

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This Sunday brings us our favorite day!  It’s all just about MOM! So MuMos Dawn and Kim talk about all things Mother’s Day.  Get some advice on what to give that special mom in your life.  Listen to a few things that we’ve gotten.  We also share a few comments from our giveaway post.  OH […]

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MuMo Listeners! This post is for you! Musing Mommies Kim and Dawn are holding their very first contest! Between now and next Monday, you have the opportunity to win a very special prize from the Musing Mommies! All you have to do is leave a comment in this post describing your Most Memorable Mother’s Day […]