Summer is almost here!!! Musing Mommies, Kim and Dawn, are already making plans. Listen in to find out what is on the schedule, if anyone will be getting R&R, and if the blessed beach is involved. (you know it is!) Also, listen to the very end to find out about the MuMo’s big giveaway from […]

This week, the Musing Mommies, Kim and Dawn discuss the power of positive thinking.

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We now have voicemail!!! YAY! If you listened to our last podcast you’ll have heard we MuMos are taking part of the AT&T Share Brand Ambassador program.  So in doing so we have received a Blackberry Torch to use for the next year.  We’ll do some reviews on it and share our experiences. Dawn and I have […]

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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 62 Monday June 7th 2010 Welcome to June MuMo listeners! Summer is in full swing and this week Kim and Dawn are… dead tired. lol! But we love you all and we couldn’t leave you hanging another week without recording a fabulous Musing Mommies podcast.  This week is a free chat […]

{Guest Blogger} Life Coach Susan Liddy, MA, PCC, CPCC I’ve always said that moms have the toughest job on the planet. Not only do they care for their own children, but they often willingly take on responsibility for their children’s friends, their relatives’ children, and any other child who comes along needing mothering! In Mom’s […]

It’s February 1st, January is G.O.N.E. Do you feel more organized? No, me neither. But I feel like I’ve had a good start. Keeping it fresh in my mind is giving me steam to keep going. I know it’s a work in progress because it is such a big project. I know I can do […]

WOW Coffee with the CGs on the first day of a new year and a new decade?  What a way to start out! Welcome all. Come on in, grab a mug, and sit down to chat for a bit.  These past few weeks have gone by fast. Are the holidays really over? It kinda makes […]

Good morning girls! How quickly the holidays have passed. I’m actually on the road headed to the Texas panhandle. We just left from Dallas where my parents live. We had a great time laughing EATING playing and having a fun time. We even had a white Christmas!!! My kids were able to build thier first […]


Welcome girls! I’m tired. I could and would sleep for a long time. This week has done me in.  Let’s go back to last week shall we? Friday night was our Musing Mommies Cookie Exchange and holiday party.  We had a wonderful group of gals join us for some snacking and chatting.  It was a […]

I just have to share this blog post that I came across. It’s GREAT for us moms that actually text (poking Dawn).  I think you all will get a kick out of it. I found this on the Hip Moms Who Work blog. Seems like everything under the sun has a text shorthand equivalent (just […]

There were people of all ages, from tiny baby to elderly!

Welcome girls, it’s a chilly day so let your mug of delish warm you up. It’s been a busy week, hasn’t it?  Thanksgiving travels, back to school, back to lessons and practice, and The Pioneer Woman! Dawn and I talked all about our Thanksgiving travels in our last podcast but let me tell you just […]

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Here is something to watch while you are all in your turkey induced coma! Enjoy and blessings to all!

Because I personally love browsing blogs I thought I’d re post something I read on ProBlogger. Please read and don’t leave us all hangin after the Turkey day break: Yesterday was my first day back at blogging after a 10 day vacation with my family and on Twitter I commented that I was finding it […]

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Tonight MuMo Kim and I had a wonderful opportunity to meet up with a fellow podcaster Melody from 2Godchicks.  It was a great and all to brief meeting; we enjoyed the time with her tremendously!   I am sure we will discuss our meet up more in depth on the next show, so be sure to […]

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So last night I discovered a way cool work out.  Well, one “move” anyway.  If you want strong thighs, this is great for building those muscles, and your kid(s) will love it too. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and my Kiddo (5yrs) was bugging me.  He is always an attention monger around bedtime […]

Welcome Company Girls! Come on in, kick off your shoes, and grab a toasty mug.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Today I am home!  No gym, no piano practice, no swim practice, no grocery shopping just home.  Me and my untidy dirty but soon to be clean house.  Today I work on my house. […]

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I have a love/hate relationship with Grocery shopping!  I like to go by myself. I do not like going with the kids.  It’s just not fun or even very productive when they are with me.  So I schedule shopping when they are at school.  Now I like to browse, when I have time, up and […]

The other night I invited some of “the girls” over, including MuMo Dawn, to watch the newly released “The Haunted Airman”. Since Robert Pattinson won most of our hearts with his Edward portrayal in Twilight the movie, it’s the least we can do to watch his other movies. Right? This movie is not what I would […]


Why do children egg each other on laughing at stuff that really isn’t funny. Like potty mouth talk and blowing raspberries. Child one does some thing child two laughs, child one keeps on being “silly” child two keeps up the laughter and so on. Then it gets to the point where the parent(s) are tired […]


Last night was Halloween. Dawn and I and our families went to a party hosted by our very own Julia from Little Austinite. We had a blast! There was lots of food and goodies, plenty of kids, an awesome neighborhood for trick or treating, a bounce house, a TV outside for the UT game viewing […]


Welcome girls!  I’ve just purchased some vanilla spiced rum creamer so grab a mug and test it out. This week at DD’s school has been the “say no to drugs” week.  Every day it’s was a new theme.  Today was Literacy Day. Dress up as your favorite book character (they don’t allow the Halloween costume […]