dawnDawn is a SAHM to two rambunctious boys, a 8 year old and a 5 year old. She is also the owner of  Dawn Fry Photo, a portrait photography business.  Dawn enjoys  photography, cooking, singing and spending time with her family – preferably at the beach!

She fancies herself a jack of all trades, and probably knows a little bit about most everything.  In her brief work history (BC – before children) she worked as a music teacher, a cocktail waitress, hostess with the most-ess, a catering sales assistant, a financial planner’s assistant, a model coach, professional photographer, health food store manager, event sales manager, wedding planner and a slew of other things that make her a master of, well…nothing!

At times things get crazy, but she tries to find the humor in it all.  And with 2 mischievous little boys, you know she’s likely to have a funny story from time to time!

If you would like to contact Dawn directly, please drop her an email at dawnATmusingmommiesDOTcom

The Fry Family