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Musing Mommies Monthly Podcast Episode 264 – February 2015 **We apologize for the sound quality. Kim’s webcam mic decided to be the one to record instead of her GOOD mic.** Happy Candy Exchange Day!!! Happy Discounted Strawberries Month! Happy Half-Off Chocolate Fest! I mean, Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! It’s February, and the Musing Mommies, Kim and […]

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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 244 Thursday July 4th 2014 The Musing Mommies are back this week now that Kim is all moved in – thank goodness! As you lie int he sun, play on the water, shoot fireworks, and eat glorious food-a-plenty this 4th of July, take some time between bites to listen in the the […]

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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 228 Tuesday February 25th 2014. Bok Bok, Baby! This week on the Musing Mommies, Kim and Dawn continue the hunger conversation with a follow up on the topic of Intermittent Fasting.  Listen in and find out if it is something that might help in your better health journey. Also, Dawn has […]

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  Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 223 Tuesday January 14th 2014. It’s not new, it’s not popular, and it’s not something everyone can agree on.  But, to many, it is healthy. And it appears to be gaining momentum. What is it? Well, it’s a lot of things. And this week on the Musing Mommies Podcast, Kim […]

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Have you been pushed to the brink? Are you at the end of your rope?

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body by Dottie

This week the Musing Mommies are GETTING CLEAN! And no, we aren’t talking about scrubbing toilets!

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Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 158 Monday June 11th, 2012 The Musing Mommies have had another exciting week full of fun, family and fur (you’ll understand when you listen) and are coming to you once again this week with a great show. Sure, we  don’t have an official topic, but with all the travelling and celebrating […]

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Fan February continues on the Musing Mommies Podcast and this week we have the sweet and strong, Misty, chatting with us!!

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‘Tis the season to be ____? Jolly? Grumpy? Generous? Festive?

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The Musing Mommies are absolutely GIDDY this week with excitement!